Five Things To Bring To your Boudoir Session

Advice From York PA Luxury Boudoir Photographer

So you have booked your luxury boudoir session and now you are feeling excited and nervous about finding the perfect outfit for your boudoir session. On top of that, is there anything else you should bring? Any experienced boudoir photographer should have a preparation guide to put your mind at ease and to provide direction on what to bring on the day of your boudoir session but I am going to talk about 5 things you might not have thought about bringing to your boudoir session.

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1. Water bottle

You were expecting me to dive right in and say lingerie right? First things first, bring a water bottle from home to keep hydrated throughout your session. You probably want to choose one with a straw so you don't mess up your lipstick, you're welcome. Session days can be long from the makeover, to the shoot itself, and the ordering session. Not to mention, posing for your boudoir images can be a workout and you might break a sweat. Forgot your drink? No worries, our studio is stocked with water and other beverages for our clients.

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2. Make-up Remover / Wipes

Hear me out... you are FEELING YOURSELF from your session glam and you never want to take your makeup off. But remember how you were trying to surprise your fiancé with these sexy photos for your wedding day? If you are doing your photo session as a gift and typically don't leave your house with makeup on, we totally get how coming home with a full face of glam can be a dead giveaway of your hard kept surprise. If you think you fall into this category, bringing makeup remover wipes could save your surprise. Otherwise, perfect excuses for your makeup could be that you were doing a bridal trial, or that you let a sales person at Ulta try to sell you on a ton of new products. If you book a session with us in our boudoir studio, we always have makeup remover wipes on hand for you to take home cause we got you!

3. Garter Belt

Okay now into the lingerie... I won't go into too much detail on lingerie options in this post BUT... one piece of lingerie you might not want to skip when packing is a garter belt! A garter belt adds something extra, classy, and fun to your bra + panties set and it tends to help flatter the tummy zone if you want a little coverage in that area. Does your garter belt have little ribbons with rubber clips at the end? Those are typically for stockings! Clip on some stockings or fishnets to bring this look together and to make that booty pop!

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4. Shoes

If you want a really complete look, don't overlook a good pair of shoes. Is your style a classy pair of Louboutins, or a fun pair of Air Jordans, or perhaps cowgirl boots? Getting married? Consider bringing your wedding shoes! If you are bringing a pair of shoes that you want photographed, talk to your photographer so they can be sure to get special shots that show of your shoes!

Click here to check out more examples of some of our great sessions with shoes.

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5. Flowers

If you want to incorporate something pretty, feminine, unique and perhaps a pop of color, bring your favorite bouquet of flowers to your session to use as a prop for your photos. Be sure to check your photographer's policy on this first, not all photographers allow this depending on the rules of their studio (and maybe allergies). At my studio, we always welcome flowers - fresh or dried and also offer coordination with a florist for custom boudoir floral installations.

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Brittany is a luxury boudoir and wedding photographer based in York, PA. She has over 7 years of experience photographing women of a variety of ages, sizes, and races. Her favorite part of the job is getting to pose women of different body sizes into flattering positions and loves when her clients walk away with a new confidence and deeper sexy.