a creative vision

I always had a minor obsession with the Washington D.C. subway station. There is just something about the architecture that always drew me in. As a photographer obsessing over telling moody, authentic love stories with classic, vintage feels I knew that I wanted to do an underground photo session.

We went to DC on a beautiful Sunday to see the cherry blossoms in the Tidal Basin with our friends.. as mother nature would have it, the cherry blossoms were already gone. I was totally fine with it because I knew my heart was in the metro station anyways. We spent the day lounging in the lawn at the white house, sampling from food trucks, and driving electric scooters around. And of course, Shawny + Ryan were kind enough to model for me to bring this creative vision to life.

during the shoot

During this session I really enjoyed using the lines and the curves in the architecture. I prompted my couple in a way to encourage natural movement as well as poses to highlight the structure. When editing I took a moody, vintage feeling route to create more emotion in the overall photos rather than a clean look.

fun fact!

During this shoot my husband toted my Kamrette camera bag on his back (he is up by the stairs in this photo) the woman coming up behind him was a pick pocket. She thought my hubby was alone and pretended to be lost and needing help for directions. I noticed her strange behavior and watched as she made multiple attempts to unzip my bag while using very exaggerated hand movements while talking and pointing different directions. Her hands went straight to the bag every time he turned. Our friends and I just watched while he tried to help her with directions. Eventually I called out his name and then she realized he was not in fact alone but that she also had an audience and eventually took off empty handed. Life lessons, watch your back.