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Owner, photographer, EDITOR, Communications specialist, hype gal

I really like taking pictures with a genuine perspective, connecting with people, and telling their stories through this unique and personal form of art.

When I am not obsessing over my next photoshoot you can probably find me planning my next trip, browsing through the isles at target, or decorating my house.

Circa 1999... where it all began.

If I think back to when I started taking photos I go back to the 90’s in elementary school with a disposable camera. I would go around my yard and take pictures of flowers, or sometimes I would style our pets for some glamour shots. My mom would print them out for me and I still to this day have these photos in my attic. I saved $50 once when I was in 4th grade and I bought myself a pink Barbie camera. I took it to school and took pictures of all of my friends at recess. As a teenager, I always had my point and shoot camera in hand and could be found wandering around making up a photo scavenger hunt or styling myself for a photoshoot.

So how did I turn this into a job? My family and friends started asking me to take their photos for them and I honestly really enjoyed it. A few years ago, I upgraded to a “real” camera and expanded my hobby to offer boudoir photo sessions to women. I knew so many people who struggled to see themselves as beautiful, and I often struggled with the same feeling. I knew I could find the beauty in each person by showing them a different PERSPECTIVE. I began taking boudoir photos and the results surprised me. Girls would say, “I really look this good?”, “OMG, I love my photos!”, and what sticks out to me the most, “You really boosted my confidence”. Doing this for women really boosted my own confidence in my photography and my obsession just stemmed from there. I started shooting more couples and weddings and realized that my romantic heart is really fulfilled through this work.

so you want your photos taken?

The two most important things to me in photography are connection and creativity. I understand that having your photo taken can make you nervous. I'm not just taking your photos, I am creating a vision, memories, and artwork and I take that very seriously. I want you to feel heard and understood. From day one I am open to answering any questions you might have, talking about your vision, addressing any insecurities, and making sure you know that I am here for YOU!

let me hit you up!

Get to know me.

How would you describe yourself?

ENFP, Pisces, Enneagram type 4 if you’re into all that kind of stuff. Forming genuine connections, understanding people and being understood is important to me. I love being near the water, give me the beach, a pool or a dream bath tub and I am my truest self.

What do you like to do for fun?

I find this hard to answer because photography is so fulfilling. I love traveling, writing, decorating, and game nights. I am recently obsessed with creating iced lattes with my Nespresso machine. My self-care routine includes: taking baths, reading books and journaling. You can find me collecting house plants (that may or may not be dying). I'm also real basic and appreciate frequent trips to Target and Starbucks to clear my mind.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Sooo, I can’t just pick one favorite but some of my past and present favorites include: 90 Day Fiancé, Schitt's Creek, Queer Eye More than a Makeover, Love it or List it, New Girl, Weeds.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would be your dream job?

Toss up! I was always between being a nurse midwife (I’m a nerd about childbirth), or a mental health therapist. I actually went to school for dental assisting which was a brief career choice for me and then I worked in customer service for several years before taking photography full time.


I have been married to my soul partner (aka husband), Zach for 11 years. He is the logic to my creativity and the calculated to my free-spirit. He has been my biggest supporter of advancing my photography career. Together, we have an adoptive daughter and were blessed to have a now two-year-old and new baby after a 7 year infertility journey. Our family is very unconventional and unique and we have definitely learned a lot through our journey as parents!

What kind of music do you listen to?

My favorite type of music is indie / alternative. Some of my favorite bands include: Dope Lemon, Milky Chance, Caamp, Alabama Shakes, and Shakey Graves. I love listening to music when I edit photos and I will sometimes create a special playlist to edit and contribute to the overall vibes.

This or that...

Coffee or Tea? —> ummm I really like need coffee.
Dog or Cat? —> cat
glasses or contacts? —> glasses
Toilet paper: over or under? —> OVER!
Coke or Pepsi —> Coke, although I will take either.
International Vacation or new tv —> VACATION, bye.
Ocean or Mountains —> ocean BUT I do love a good relaxing mountains trip.
Dine in or delivery —> dine in.

amy // mother (senior session)

Great experience, beautiful heirloom photography - we hired Brittany to photograph a family member {for senior photos}. She embraced our concept for the photography and brought out the best in the subject and location. She was friendly and punctual, and most importantly artistic. Her work exceeded our expectations.

Carla // boudoir session

During my boudoir shoot, Brittany was supportive, asked me questions, and instantly made me feel comfortable. If you have been on the fence, hesitate no longer, just go for it with Brittany - she will exceed your expectations!

jessica // wedding client

Brittany is everything and more that you could ask for in a photographer. She is truly an artist and not only captures a moment in time but the emotion behind it. Her pictures gave me chills when I came across her work and I knew I had to book her immediately. From the beginning, she took the time to figure out who me and my husband are as people and met up with me to go over each and every detail prior to the wedding. She was not only professional, reasonably priced, and communicative but also took the time to really become a friend to me and not just another vendor working my wedding. I cannot wait to hire Brittany again to capture any more life events that come our way. I am in awe of how she handled herself on my wedding day and she was there for me not only as a photographer but as support too!